Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Smorgasbord Part Deuce

This dog is blessed, what else can a Christian say?
I got my financial aid and looked around my room deciding what to buy. I don't really need new jeans, or extra paper or pens, or winter clothes. I bought a couple new atheist shirts, from Cafepress, and I couldn't think of any movies to buy, I haven't been watching many lately anyways. I thought, "well maybe I'll get some new books." Ended up I splurged and this is what I bought:
Parenti's God and His Demons
Dawknis' The God Delusion
Dennet's Breaking the Spell
Loftus' Why I Became an Atheist
Shermer's Why Darwin Matters
Sagan's The Demon Haunted World
Blackmore's A Brief Insight to Consciousness

Thank you BYU for adding to my atheist-related shelf in my library. I've been getting into books more lately, so maybe I will make a long post related to the books I've read, in hopes of helping my readers to find one they will like. Plus, I like talking about my books, lol.

So I had more classes today. I work, so most of my classes are evening classes. Today's evening class was fine, and nothing to churchy, except I wore an atheist shirt and had to introduce myself to the class for quite a long time and was anticipating someone saying, "what does your shirt mean?" However, my other class was very religious, though I love the professor, he's great.

But he had the room split into 'yes' 'no' 'neutral' grounds and then asked questions where we had to pick our 'grounds' to stand on. One question was "women's place is in the home." Yup, he asked that, some of the questions were 'taboo' so to say. Needless to say I was only one of 3 who went to the 'no' side. We were all guys too. And then there was only a handful in the neutral grounds. Most, and I think all the girls, went to the 'yes' side. It was a very Mormony moment. He even asked us why we said 'no' but didn't get to me. Oh well.

Then at another point a girl was asked about success in a career being weighed by income. She wasn't sure how to answer. See, she was a freshmen and obviously indoctrinated. When asked about income she actually started by saying, "Well, it would depend on what my husband feels." Upon questioning, she meant this by saying that she expected to get married before graduating, dropping out, and raising the kids while the husband worked. Everyone was fine with this, and I was sickened. Literally. I am disgusted with myself so supporting such sexist views most of my life. And when around these people I am now all too aware of the level of conditioning in the church. Brain-washing if you will. Line by line, precept by precept, members are slowly brought into believing horrible things and think that they are the most wonderful and beautiful things imaginable. Men are less than women but are the leaders, have the priesthood, are the prophets and stewards, the bread-winners, and women are baby makers, spitting out a baker's dozen. The man is a bread-winner.

Moving on, I stole a ward message from a dorm. After giving the info on the boundaries of the ward, etc ... it gave a calendar.
Church from 1030 - 130 on Sundays
Meetings with bishop afterwords till 530
Meeting for women at 730 on Tuesday
Ward 'wrap-up' at 9 every Sunday evening
FHE at 7 every Monday.
Then activities interspersed throughout the week and month.

I shuddered when I saw it and thought about how much time the church requires. I was again sickened by the thought, and so grateful I am out of it. I mean, postmos say they have 3 more hours now every week. No! You have like 6 hours. And that's not including time freed by not praying, ever, or reading scriptures or Ensign materials, etc.... Gods, I am so happy now to be so free. So little constraint, so much more time, less anxiety guilt and shame, and now that the bishop knows about me I don't have people coming by to get me out to church or activities anymore. Lol. Way to give up on me guys, but really, thank you, I mean it.

That's it for my post I guess. Maybe I'll make another one, or two tomorrow. I want to write some book reviews, plus no real homework due yet, obviously with evening classes. Bye peeps.


  1. OK, so j-dog, what you have proven to me is that BYU hasn't changed much in the 30 -- yes 30 years -- since I graduated. I was one of the rare women who graduated before I got married, meaning I was an old maid, as the girls in your class would agree. You're right to point out how much time you recover when you leave. I believe former alcoholics say the same thing. What I'd like to know is, can you get away with being inactive at BYU these days? You could in my day, but that was before they toughened the honor code. Sigh. It seems that when BYU changes, it's for the worse. Hang in there, and keep blogging!

  2. I would be interested in what you think of the Dennet one. I haven't read any of his stuff.

  3. Inactive? No not really, they notice pretty easily. I probably will be switching soon, any 'link words' with 'expelled' or 'bishop' will tell that story.

    The Dennet one is pretty long, but i've seen his other books and some of them are far bigger than the one i got.

  4. "But he had the room split into 'yes' 'no' 'neutral' grounds and then asked questions where we had to pick our 'grounds' to stand on. One question was "women's place is in the home." Yup, he asked that, some of the questions were 'taboo' so to say. Needless to say I was only one of 3 who went to the 'no' side."


    I'm honestly thinking BYU would be an excellent place for some social experiments...

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