Thursday, March 24, 2011

100 Post Picture Extravaganza!!!

So I have had 100 posts and that means it is time for a review of my most favorite pictures from posts 51-100. I'll probably also do another Bi-annually, or wtv, Statistical Report here in a month or so. And patriarchal blessings, and my exit story, blablabla, I know, I'm horrible at keeping up with my promises.

Also, I will give you avid readers a sneak peak at our "Atheist of Utah Valley Logo Competition!!!" We have a lot of good submissions so far, including the one at the top of this post which was designed by mgghfurrrgheeted and is certainly of high quality, making this competition very intense. Okay, it's not that big of a deal, but people have been using their creativity to bring us some good ideas and I'm sad we will only be able to use one as the groups logo. For now though let's say they are all winners and enjoy their art. First though here are some funny pictures.

And now some personal favs:

And here is one that makes a great background for you desktop, discovered by Heretic:

And now to show all of you ''some'' of our amazing contributions for Atheists of Utah Valley. May the best heathen win.

That last one obviously proves that all are not created with equal artistic prowess. And yes, that is an atheist, with a goatee, flipping you off while eating a baby that is smiling.

Unfortunately I can't post the ones that are coming up with covert logos that we could possibly wear on shirts since I know you BYU dogs/sheep are lurking here and would love to keep an eye out for atheists on campus to kick us out cause for some reason you feel like you have to. Much like how someone on campus felt a need to slash Eric's tires for having a pro-gay bumper sticker. Till next time.


  1. Dude, are the BYU jackals really prowling around your blog THAT MUCH? That's so hard rock.
    You really need to write that post about tbm lurkers that you promised, because I'm just too interested!

  2. All in due time. Must keep my profile low. Don't wish for them to sniff me out ... since some of these conversations are actually closed discussions. lol.

  3. In that "Hide Yo Kids" picture, all Joseph Smith needs is a red bandana! Of course, all the plural marriages he pressured young girls into makes him the original "bed intruder."