Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I feel like nearly two months is too long. I have actually been working on the Big 5 posts. I've listened to a lot of podcasts on topics I think will make it in, I bought a couple books, read a few articles and posts. I'm pretty sure the Book of Abraham will make it to the list as I am learning even more things about it that I hadn't heard before, which is astounding that the BoA could actually get any worse. I think another topic will be a slightly odd one: discerning power. Richard Lyman would probably be at the heart of that, but as I get involved in discussions and listen to some podcasts it seems like 'discerning power' and its failures has far deeper implications. That one will take some work. Adam-God Theory and the 'culture and history' around that will probably be another. I have actually done very little research into the Adam-God ... Doctrine, itself, but I still feel like that topic digs a little deeper into the issue of the LDS Church today, versus yesterday, versus 120 years ago, versus 175 years ago. I do need to give a shout-out to Mormon Expression Voices and their 20+ episodes they have already. I've had a couple friends/acquaintances have episodes on there and Heather and others do try to keep it entertaining and to find stories that go places maybe the common 'exit stories' do not go. Lately I've been leaving my most recent phase of "Mormonism is so interesting!" and that's been the main reason I haven't completed the Big 5. However, for how much time I've taken already I do believe that I'll be delivering those posts as I promised. It would be a waste to not finish them. Lol.