Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Disclaimer - this is a random post about sex. I don't know how to classify it beyond that, I go from talking about asking a girl if you can cum on her to telling my bishop I've entered through the backdoor. Have fun.)
Okay, so everyone is writing about past loves, and sex, and cumming, and sex, and I feel obligated to make a post around the same topic as well.

And boy am I excited.

(let me ramble along here, this will be a long one ... that's what she said) I love sex. Not specifically intercourse, but 'sex' in general. I've always been interested in it, I've always been fascinated by the female body, and unlike a lot of things you look forward to in life, having a girl make me cum lived up to the expectations.

On that, making a girl cum is just about as good, at least to me. I can still remember the first time I did it to a girl, the look on her face; that cute, almost painful, deep-pleasure smirk of a look. Satisfying to no end.

Which, relating to God, and religion, and Mormonism, I reached a major crossroads in my life. If there is any part of me that wishes to justify sin then it would probably be sex. The first time I made a girl cum I was beyond excited, I was ecstatic! Elated! Cloud nine. I got into my truck and drove home, my fingers still tingling. Course my Mormon upbringing, as many of you know, said that I was close to a murderer but surprisingly that never weighed on me too much. It did weigh on me though, but I was just too excited by the whole thing. It felt so 'right' so 'good.' By the time me and my most serious gf were around the legendary bases of the baseball field and started getting into all kinds of kinky sh** - that's when I started to 'feel bad.'

See, I like the experience. I do things just to do them ... sometimes. If the girl doesn't mind using alternative entry points then I'm all for it. Toys? I have real handcuffs! And I love the sex dice you can buy, where ones is locations around the house, or outside, and the other one is where to stick it or what to do. Locations to, in a vehicle, in the woods, in a tent, in bed, on a couch, people home, in a restaurant. Some girls are cock-teases, I guess I'm a ... what, a vagina-clitoris tease? I enjoy having a girl soaking wet by the end of a long date. Fair warning to any prospects, bring an extra pair of panties, or thong!

Back on topic though, kind of, getting out on the mission I truly believed for the first year and during that time I told my mission president about my sex life. Trying to repent or whatever, from something I massively enjoyed. I told him everything. Which was funny cause at one point he thought I was done. "So you did-" "Well, we also did such n such, and also we tried this twice." " ..... you what?"

Like the Whore of All the Earth Mormonism really f***** up my sex life in High School, and for half my college career. Getting back from my mission and going a year being wishy-washy agnostic I often told myself not to commit sexual sin. I would say, 'at least try to find a girl you can marry, a nice Mormon girl. doesn't even have to be a virgin.' Problem is Mormon girls are horrid. Genitalia are weird, not too pretty, but I find so many Mormon girls that think penises are gross, disgusting! I would not enjoy having a sex life with a wife like that.

Thing is I was doing it all completely wrong. I grew up out in the 'mission field' where I was the only Mormon in high school, so I dated non-Mormons, and let me tell you, most of them are far more loose than Mormon girls. Course I went for religious girls, all the same, and so after doing 69 or something we would get on our knees and say our little Mormon and Catholic prayers of forgiveness. So much unnecessary guilt and shame. So fuc*** up to.

Regret is separate from guilt and shame. That's why we have such a vast vocabulary, to try to get across the vast realm of emotions we feel. Since leaving the church I have no guilt over my past sexual experiences, little to no shame, but I do have some regret. Regret for kissing this girl, or for not kissing another one.

Nearing the end, this page was a fun one to read. Obviously there can be disagreement, but I was glad to find that I already think a lot of the way he puts things across here. But I do disagree on one point:

I have good stamina. So a sloppy inexperienced handjob won't do the trick. Having Mormon dry sex may put good pressure on the clitoris but really it usually just chaffs my dick. Girls, if you like to give handjobs, do it right. The guy is ALWAYS going to be better at it, so you need to learn to do it right, which may take practice. In the end, you only need to be so-so, cause just the fact that you're doing it, with your small and tender hand (or hands, at least for someone like me), adds the little extra necessary. (actually always use to hands, even if he isn't that long, you'll find things to do with the other). winkwink

Second, ladies, some guys like blowjobs, and I certainly do. If you haven't given yet, then try it. But if you don't care for it, then put that across. However, if any girl likes having a guy go down on her she is obligated to return the favor, at least partially in my mind. I'm all for equality and in the sexual realm I don't allow ambivalent sexism.

Guys, do slow down. Nothing wrong ravishing quickly, but if you're gonna do that, then don't cum together, get her first, or twice, then go at it. Draw out the experience. Quickies are fine if that's what you both are looking for. I do agree though, majorly, on one point. As I said, I like to make girls cum, it's like a power rush and it seems like such a nice thing to do for the lady. But I've seen this in past relationships and I need to say it - girls, I know guys can be messy, but don't send us home with blue balls. Take a moment out of your ecstasy and make the guy cum. Especially if you're tired and want to go to bed, faster you get him off the faster he falls asleep. I don't want to get into the chemistry, but guys' brains are wired so that they get a surge of neurotransmitters that make'em tired after orgasm. Very convenient in some cases.

And what is a better time to fall asleep than right then, right?

One little note to put across cause I want to put cumshots on my labels - guys, don't expect to just do it. Lot's of girls do NOT want your jizz on them. Even if they're titty-f******* you. Make clear your intentions before you spray your load or else you may have one very upset girl on your hands, or under you. This is from experience, BUT I asked beforehand so it went well. Follow my lead on this one. I'm obviously not the most experienced person (i mean, i grew up Mormon), but I do know some things.

Guys, be classy, girls, stay sexy. And don't let Mormonism or religion mutilate your sex life as it does kids genitals.