Thursday, September 15, 2011

BYU Atheists OUTED!

Not truly so, just yet. But the Daily Chronicle just put out an article about the group. Unfortunately some things were wrong. The group meets more than once a month, officially, and basically cliques in the group have events every day. Also at the time of the article it was getting close to 190 ppl, though some have left to avoid being caught, lol. The link can be found here.

BYU officially made their Honor Code less ambiguous about former LDS students. Good for them. Way to bring out the normal Mormon bullshit of making matters worse. I for one am glad this all got put out there, and i even got the honorable inference of my blog being mentioned. Course, now i expect not so many people will be contacting me wishing to join the group.

Seriously, read the article, it's good, and though BYU may be worsening their strides, this is a good stride in the right direction.