Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kewl Ppl

Utah is great. I was at a reception with some fellow postmos and I started saying 'i'm an atheist' out loud. Then, 'oooo, i'm an infidel', to the point that some people in the group tried to get away from me cause there were people all around us, including missionary couples. Honestly it was fun, and the reception was cute, adorable.

Before I head to bed I wanted to post a thought. Especially at BYU there are a lot of people, and a wide range of characters. This means that the literal high school groupings becomes apparent. There are jocks, preps, 'scanks,' druggies (though deeply hidden), religious fanatics (though far more now than in high school) and the slew of other people. So, for the area, there are 'kewl' kids ... or so Mormons like to think.

See, some of these supposed 'kewl ppl' are really not cool at all, especially in the real world. But first let me explain that I am not necessarily 'cool.' In fact, I am pretty fu***** weird and dorky sometimes, but at least I know a cool person when I meet one. And here's the truth, there's a lot of Mormons who think they are cool, but aren't.

Example - sitting, talking with a friend, and a car goes by. Guys and girls in the car, full, girl runs out, and they have some old 80s pop song on with a female vocalist, and the guy driving is singing at the top of his lungs, and isn't bad sounding. As they drive by to park on the side of the road to wait for the girl, the driver is hanging out the window, singing at my parked car with this over-expressed look on his face, and drives by. They continue the same music and singing for several minutes till the girl comes back, then he burns rubber leaving the road.

Now, I can see myself doing that, with the right group of friends and under the right circumstances, maybe after a couple drinks I could do it anytime, but normally I wouldn't make such an @$$ of myself. Also, obviously they were having fun, and that's not the point. The point is this: here, in Provo, people think that's cool. They do! Girls and guys are like, ''boy, i wish i could have fun like that.''

I'm like, "making an ass out of yourself? acting like a fu***** retard?" (sorry for my political incorrectness, but i am quoting myself). It bothers me that girls here love the guy who can 'sorta' sing to 80s pop, reads his scriptures everyday, and can give sermons on why R-rated movies corrupt todays youth. It bothers me that the guy can be driving his car, singing to some shitty music with only a so-so voice, and think he's being just as cool, or cooler, than any other guy at any other college. By the way, one of the girls he hometeaches was sick last week ... and he gave her a blessing too. Total stud, right!?!?!

I'm not saying they don't have good qualities, or that they can't be fun people to hang out with, but to say they are 'cool' and for Mormon culture to keep this idolization going, thinking it IS cool to act this way, it's just sick.

And don't even get me started on the bulk of the girls here at BYU.