Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So I haven't posted in a couple days, and I'll probably not have much time to post during the next week or so either. Finals are upon me.

I have lot's of ideas for posts, but right now I'm too tired and want to do a short funny one.

The banana is an atheists' nightmare! So says creationist people anyway. I read this in a book months back, but a recent video I saw brought it back to memory. See the banana is designed for human beings. It has three ridges on one side, and two on the other, just how our fingers and thumb look when we grip the banana.

Designed to be gripped by us!

It also has color identification - green is too ripe, black is too cold, and yellow is juuuust right. Wait, black means rotting and bad ... unless you want to make banana bread.

It isn't slippery, which is good, I hate how all the other fruits in the world are so slippery. It also opens conveniently from the stem, but monkeys do it better from the other end.

Most amazing of all is that the wrapper is bio-degradable! Isn't that amazing! I hate how you have to throw out the plastic skin off apples before eating them, causes so much pollution! But to top this off is that the banana is CURVED TOWARDS OUR FACES!!!! OMG! An intelligent god must have made bananas for us humans, the world is less than 10 thousand years old, I am going to hell.

Okay, this whole thing is ridiculous, most Christians find it silly, but come on, this is great stuff.


  1. ya, can't remember where I heard this before. So funny.

  2. Just wanted to say 'hi' and say I'm glad I found another atheist at BYU. I lost my faith while I was there (and because I was there) but like you I decided to just stick it out. Graduation is 2 semesters away for me and I hope you will be done soon too!

  3. I'm guessing you aren't at BYU anymore ... I'm always looking for new friends in the area, and there are a decent amount of us at BYU or at least in the area.

  4. No, I'm actually still at BYU, but I'm not taking classes in the Summer-I start again in the Fall. I've always wanted to start a blog like yours, trying to connect people like us, but never got to it. Thanks, your blog is really great.

  5. hey, anonymous, if you ever feel lonely please try to get in touch with me. i know some other people like us in the happy valley who love to meet new people and you are always welcome.