Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Bishop Came By!

Ack, oh nos! Yup, I told some people I didn't believe and next thing I know the Bishop comes by with them. Of course I expected this, the bishop isn't going to avoid once he learns where I stand. It was a little intimidating though, I expected that too, but I instantly felt I needed to be as straightforward as possible and to show that I'm not even evil person and need to be kicked out of BYU. Of course I probably won't be staying at BYU till I graduate anymore, cause he gave an impression that I would have 'issues' getting an Ecclesiastical endorsement next year. Which seems fair given what the endorsement is and that I know what it is. But maybe I won't be graduating here after all.

Which I really don't know what I'd do if I couldn't. I guess my parents would eventually find out I didn't graduate from BYU, though I could keep it secret, at least till graduation which they would come over here for, lol, but that would be so ridiculous to try to pull off. I guess I need to come out to my parents at some point, cause keeping it all a secret seems like too much running around. Though, I don't really want to tell them.

Reason: they love me, would still love, we have a great relationship, I think even better since I 'lost' my faith (how you lose something like that I don't know), but there is a lot of family stress right now, and will be for a while longer, and I'm not sure telling them would help either of them. Kind of sad, but maybe it can't be avoided.

So having the bishop come by was a good thing. Told me to come out to church, that he misses seeing me around, and that I really need to think about what I'm going to do with graduating college. Lol, yup, direction in life is a good thing. Especially if the directions I can go are suddenly limited by my lack of faith.

On a different note, what the hell is he doing to that dinosaur?


  1. Could you transfer to the U? Only an hour north, I would think your classes would transfer, and I think you would be happier there.

  2. I may, I'm gonna start looking after the break, and hopefully decide by mid-September. My options are small since I have plenty of friends here and I want to stay in the area.

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