Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finding Friends

I've been searching for more people like me, and I'm slightly surprised by how many I'm finding now. Last year I barely looked, did some FB searching for atheists at BYU, and never found any. Then I finally went to a SLC atheist group meeting and met some people, who turned me onto some other people, and now I have a group of friends down here in Provo who are not religious in any way. Very refreshing, especially since some of them, like me, still like to talk about religion a lot instead of other things.

Then I've been searching online for more, and I've found a couple people, professing to be atheists and at BYU. I don't think they are people I've met, some of them are only just becoming sophomores. From their posts they seem legit though and so I've offered to meet them.

And then one of my new friends has been testing out online dating and found a couple girls who have doubts and would like to go on a double date. There was some concern they might just be trying to 'fish us out' but it seems they are being truthful, though they did say a couple things that makes me think of Evangelical Christians trying to recruit postmos.

Also went to a coffee meeting up in SLC where I met a bunch of people too. All in all my 'atheist/non-believer' friend list is growing very quickly. I keep testing the waters with people, looking for more online, and I'm hoping I can bring more into the fold. I'm like a missionary for atheists! I'm even trying to organize a car-pool to go to the coffee meeting this week. It's like trying to get investigators to church! I knew the mission was good for something.


  1. I'm so jealous. Four years later and I'm wishing I had done that at the beginning. Well, at least at some point during the four years, rather than realizing it only now that I'm not there.

    I guess I just wasn't sure where to look and hadn't gotten to the point of searching online too hard. But now in my mind I think "What! People at BYU who aren't completely indoctrinated? Can it really be? Why didn't I hear about this earlier?"

  2. Unfortunate. I just wish there was a way to try to find more people like me here ....

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