Friday, August 26, 2011

U-COR Godless Billboard

The billboard is up out on I-215. Will be up for another month or so. Here is a news link! And now a blog link!

U-COR site:

The billboard hopefully will let the non-believers in Utah and the teens who doubt but feel trapped know that there are others in similar points in life as themselves. There still manages to be many post-mos who are leaving or have left and yet are completely alone. There's also many who 'toy' with the idea of leaving but are terrified, and maybe knowing that there are others like them out there, in Utah even, will help them to make the decision.

The billboard is also completely harmless. Some atheist billboards are aggressive, this one is not. And if someone thinks it is then they are far too sensitive or just downright stupid. Traffic has risen slightly in all the groups and on webpages, and hopefully it will continue to rise.

With all of this UCOR is also in the works of creating a newsletter, perhaps monthly. I'll be helping out with that.