Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Quicky Under the Dock

If anyone gets the reference in the title I will kiss you!

So I am busy and on vacation, but I had a Tequila Sunrise last night and that was pretty damn good. I will be able to make a post in the next couple days, but like last week, next week I will be hiatus most of the time. Take care people, and if anyone from BYU is reading this, make a comment and tell me ya luv me!


  1. Sorry, I don't get the title. I was hoping a juicy story would follow :) BTW, I also had a tequila sunrise (or two) last night. They are pretty tasty. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Haha, sorry, no juicy story thus far. Maybe someday I'll put my sex life up here, it has been improving lately ....
    I like orange juice, so out of the 3 dif. drinks I had, it was the most enjoyable.