Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Thoughts

First - some people like to bring up, in discussion, how it is strange for atheist organizations to be formed around the fellowship of people who get together over an 'unbelief' rather than a belief or agreed upon fact in the positive. I think this is a Harris or Dawkins saying that is thrown around.

I do not agree with it.

I think when the unbelief is over something as massive, as world-involved, as life-consuming as the belief in a personal and all-powerful god that this unbelief is in fact a very unifying factor in people's lives. You're outlook on the world is very different from a Catholic, or a Hindu, or even a Buddhist, when you're an atheist. And I think the overall world-view of atheists is very similar. It becomes more scientific and empirical and these facts and laws and theories cross all borders, traverse all societies, and enlighten every mind. They make sense of the world. We may differ on political views, family planning, and economic opinions, but who doesn't? What religious group is completely hive-mind on these things and isn't looked at like a cult by other religious groups?

Our atheism IS a uniting factor.

(I mean specifically atheism, not agnosticism, free-thinking, secularism, humanism, or anything similar to those or close to atheism in a general fashion.)

Second - In one of my classes the professor brought up how a Patriarch blessed a young man and told him a specific in his blessing = that he would be a dentist. I guess this is not uncommon as some people brought up how they knew of people who had specific careers given in their blessings. The thing with the dentist though? - he hated the field.

For anyone who thinks Mormonism is just fine and dandy, something like this, a young man spending thousands on an education he detests and the resulting pain, stress, and confusion should be enough to blow that belief out of the water. Sure, the patriarch thinks he's doing good, but obviously this dentist does not want to be a dentist and the blessing ended up being a curse. Which leads me to my next thought.

Third, I have plans on several more posts. I wish to compare patriarchal blessings sometime soon, but no one has brought forth any copies to me yet. I'll be doing another podcast post, especially since I have been listening to Irreligiosophy. I will be making more atheist books posts, probably 3, since I have another dozen books I wish to give my thoughts on and some I wish to recommend. Lastly, I will at some point do a post of my favorite atheist pictures since some people have mentioned to me how they like my pictures I use. This is not so much a 'things to look forward to' statement so much as a way to lay it all out for myself.

I am not one for randomly posting my experiences at BYU, though this place certainly gives me a lot to talk about. I also don't wish to get into the deeper aspects of atheism or my atheism in general. I don't like the idea of spending an hour writing out a nice little essay on why I don't believe when only postmos, doubters, and atheists are going to read them. If people wanted me to, then sure, but I feel I've set a low standard for my blog and I'm sticking to it.

So, if you read my blog and get annoyed by me or think I'm shallow ... then fuck off.


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