Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Podcasts For the Wicked

It's about time I give another update on podcasts. I only have so many books I've read and doing another post will get me near to catching up with my reading ... which has gone way downhill since starting fall classes and getting a girlfriend. My poor brain. Some of these podcasts are new to me, but I will give them a little sponsor.

This little podcast took me a while to get into, and it's ... okay. It's called Atheist Talk. Grant Steves is the host for the newer episodes and his smugness really irks me. Ugh! But the episodes are less than 30 minutes long, and generally there is always a guest speaker or a panel. Kind of like how Apologia has gems in it, this is the same. Even the Mormon episodes were pretty well on. The podcast is also usually pretty considerate, unlike one particular podcast I will comment on later.

This is worth a taste test if you think you'd like short episodes and all-around decent material.

This is a newer one for me, I started weeks ago, but I didn't really get into it till last week. The Humanist News Network is actually better than I thought it would be, professional, guest speakers, just listened to an episode on Ethics Culture churches which was really interesting. Only problem? - Jende sounds like he's whining half the time and it bugs the hell out of me. I don't know what it is with the hosts on these podcasts but they bug me. Though I can look past it for the material.

If you have any interest in humanism in general and more ethical things, then this is a good podcast. Episodes have ranged on topics from women's rights and prostitution, to ethics churches, to the atheist buses, to book reviews.

Skeptically Speaking is a little different, atheism comes second. Topics range from alcoholism, gender and the skeptic community, and an episode where she speaks with a mathematician who gives us estimates on how many wafers would be in the body of Christ to how many orgasms will happen across the world in the next 3 seconds. Desiree is a fun host and good interviewer.

If you are into the skeptic community but not necessarily big on atheism, then this one is good. Lots of topics and ideas thrown around. The episode on the 'problem of choices' was very good, at least to me.

Irreligiosophy. Lol. If you want to hear some rude, disgusting, bigoted, hateful, prickish remarks then listen to these guys. It is fun to do while working, or if I want a good laugh, but these guys are bad. Ex-Mormons, a lot of their stuff focuses on Mormons. However they have ventured out into other realms to talk on other things for their listeners.

This podcast is a double-edge sword. Sometimes they bring up some amazing bits of information I never new, or Chuck gives some really good point on philosophy or something. But then other times I know they are wrong on something, ignorant, or sometimes I'm not in the mood to listen to them. If you think you'd be interested then give them a try. Just about any hour-length episode will show you how they are. I honestly love this one ... but at the same time ... well, it vents my ranting side, I'll say that.

I hope these four gives any of you readers at least one podcast to try out. I recommend trying at least one anyway.

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