Monday, September 20, 2010

Atheist Girls!

This is my first short post in a long time. So my blog has caught the attention of a few people, like Hermit, or Heretic, or Anonymous #3 or 4 or 5 depending on how many of the other Anonymous's were the same person. Luckily these people are all girls, and in the area! Too bad for Marco's wish that I would have a hard time getting laid. However, talking to girls who I am not involved with and are atheist helps to calm down my bitter hatred, and then having one of them being just a little interested in me awakens my tender side.

So SHIFT is fun, and there's a social next week. Me and St. Pickle may check out a free-thinker group that meets in SLC as well. Also we had another postmo party with the underground group down here.

It was fun.

Played rockband for the first time, did good on medium even. Still didn't drink at the party, though I think there were tequila sunrises going around, or at least could've been made.

The nicest thing was that there was a lot of new people. And a lot of new girls. I even got Anonymous #3 or 4 or 5 and Heretic out, and they both enjoyed it. Enjoyed it a lot actually. Plus they came to the SHIFT meeting on Sunday, them and a guy I met at BYU. He actually didn't find me through my blog but because he looked through the people in an online atheists group or something like that.

I recommend checking out St. Pickles blog if you feel like listening to a newer atheist ramble on about his thoughts and philosophies. The amount of back and forth he has with himself is great. Disheveled just started her blog and promises to be a 'cute' undertaking, lol. Heretic's blog is very daily life in it's feel, but being that she's a cool and fun girl, also good to follow, though she needs to be less distracted by boyz and write more.

I miss Godless Coffee though, I haven't been in three weeks with all the gay BYU meetings (called USGY, but I never remember what it stands for). Lol. And I had missed the Sizzler meeting last month. I need to get back to my roots. One nice thing though, bringing a carload of 5 people to SHIFT from BYU (uvu too) and bringing two girls to the party yesterday. Yeah, I'm a missionary for the godless.

(also, short post and yet so many labels).


  1. Lol, it is actually USGA (Understanding Same Gender Attractions).

    And all of this, awesome. Best fun in a good while.


  2. Yes, i decided i hadn't done a smorgasbord post in a while.
    Konrad - yes, i luv this picture, lambs are SO CUTE!
    Heretic - yes, us gay (usga). and yeah, i've been having a lot of fun.

  3. Disheveled has talked all about you and so I thought I'd check your blog out! Looking forward to reading through more posts. Too bad I'm not single anymore and have a kid! LOL...I'd love to come hang out and be an atheist woman in the group! I'm still a bit in my anger phase of the church, but it's expanding out into religion in general and I feel as a mother I owe it to my son to find a meaningful community outside of religion. You may reconsider when you have kids, but I doubt it. Getting pregnant and having my kid is what really forced me to look out how insane my religion was and to realize that I didn't need that in my life and especially didn't want my son to grow up with that horrible guilt and failing.

    Anyhoo, great post!

  4. Yeah, having a child of my own will definitely change how I look at things. I may make a post on 'raising children' at some point, in the sense of some of the things I plan on. One being to raise them as free-thinkers first, agnostic second, atheist third.

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