Friday, September 3, 2010

BYU Undergrounds

So I keep meeting more atheists from down in the happy valley. And me and St. Pickle have found a couple new guys from BYU who are fellow doubters. Really, we didn't 'find' them, but met them and brought them to Godless Coffee. They knew a chick I know, and through her found me, and from me we got together and up to SLC. Hopefully they will bring some other people into the underground.

One of the highlights of the day was going to a gay meeting at BYU. It's an unaffiliated group at BYU, a gay, lesbian, transgender identity group. It was quite fun actually, but I don't think the group should have someone like me in it. I mean, if you read this blog you know that I am not a good person by Mormon standards and the gay group wants to be righteous and deal with their issues and the views of the Church.

It was funny, at first the only people there were straight people, lol. Then I left for a moment and the room was suddenly full of gay people, including a guy I know! Haha. And also, I must add, a very cute, even sexy, Asian girl. The cognitive dissonance was through the roof. They were going through a church talk on homosexuals and trying to understand it and get through it in accordance with the church. I want to go again, it's fascinating, and I honestly would like to see these people happy. I think some of them are okay, but I think some are miserable. That poor Asian girl ... maybe she's bi! I'd love to help her find happiness.

Seriously though, a gay group at BYU! Awesome. And then a couple new guys who don't believe in the church! Awesome. Godless Coffee! Awesome. I am happy to be finding and spreading out my 'underground'/atheist/other-worldly view of BYU and the area. It feels like the world is becoming a better place, haha.

Sorry for this short, random blog, I'm just excited and I'm also talking about sex with a convert of 'mine' who has become an atheist. Gods I love the church.


  1. I have met COUNTLESS gay RM's here in NYC and I have loved each and every one of them. Please let everyone in your BYU group know that Sister Secret will take them dancing if they cut the crap and just move to mecca. :)

    Seriously though, so good to hear there is a place where everyone can meet up at BYU! I can't believe it!

  2. Hey, this is the 'Anonymous' from your post back around August 11th. Sorry I disappeared for a while.
    That underground meeting sounds amazing. I'm not gay, but I would love to meet up with the gay group at BYU and other fellow BYU outcasts.
    Any chance we can arrange a meet-up? (I promise, I'm not part of some evil Honor Code conspiracy)

  3. TMBC 120 - at 7 on thursdays. the group is not affiliated with byu, but byu knows about it so i have no qualms about saying where it is exactly. they try to be positive about the church though so no overt atheistic comments. come and maybe you'll discover who i am.

  4. Cool. I'll try and make it this Thursday.

  5. I read your blog and thought this was something I needed to find, but when I tried to find it in the place you mentioned no one was there. Do you have anymore information you could offer? Or a number to someone who does?

  6. This last thursday was the presentation on the genetics of homosexuality at the MARB. They are not necessarily always in the 120 room.