Monday, October 18, 2010

The Ist Semi-annual Statistical Report of Godless at BYU

So last night I discovered the stats tab on my blog (i keep telling you people that i'm not really a blogger ... i mean, i don't understand how to put videos up yet, i've tried, but once i do i have TONS of posts to make to put up some of my fav. atheist youtube videos ... and maybe some random funny ones).

Anyways, I was so excited about jumping back and forth on my stats pages that I decided to do a post on it, but felt I should wait at least 24 hours from my last post. Either way, here is my statistical report in late conjunction with Gen Conf.

First a disclaimer: I do not understand these numbers for the most part though. There are major conflicts with numbers. An example, it says I've had 6 pageviews so far today, but I've had 6 in the last 4 hours, and I had 6 around noon alone today ... I am confused. But, continuing.

So I have had roughly 3970 pageviews so far. This is not necessarily different people, just pageviews. This makes me happy, I'll break 4000 tomorrow. Last month I had roughly 1,800 views, and I've had 1,100 so far this month, so I think I'm still growing!

I purposely did a post titled "Agnostic, Atheist, Atheism, Godless ..." in an attempt to raise my chance of being found on Google, and it worked! This post has over 180 views, even more than any post that has 'sex' in the title. Also, Google accounts for over 230 on my traffic sources. Not the highest, but up there.

Main Street Plaza, Koda Think Tank, Google, and The Whore of the Earth are the main sources of my traffic. Saint Pickle gives some, Heretic gave 3 last week, Facebook as well, and even my own blog, I also don't know how that works.

I am beginning to monopolize on any search that has BYU alongside the words atheism, atheist, godless, or byu evolution debate. Also a few people have searched "byu atheist underground" - Well, you've found me at least.

However, the audience tab is my favorite. 50% of you people like Firefox. Then I have some very random browsers like Java, Chromeframe, Vienna, Opera, Mobile, and whatever the hell Jakarta Commons-HttpClient is.

4 out of 5 are Windows users, then mainly Macs, but then a wide range in the 1% realm. Linux of course, but then ipads, ipods, and iphones, and even 3 views from Playstation 3s. So I have some teen kids playing Modern Warfare and looking at my blog, great!

The countries are great but again random. My overall says 31 from the Netherlands, but 40 in the last month ... wha? 3/4 are from America of course, then South Korea in the hundreds. Here's a list of the many countries supposedly looking at my blog, most above 40 hits:

Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Switzerland, Netherlands (these are my top supporters).
Argentina, Japan, Ukraine, Brazil, Slovenia (south of Ukraine for you geography illiterate), Iran (YES! Go Iranian college age secular generation!), Indonesia, Pakistan, and some place called Reunion. OH! It's the little island north of Corsica.

So I have gone international and am officially famous. Actually, I'm betting since I use so many pictures that a decent amount of the hits are picture stalkers. That is it, I am glad to report that all the numbers are correct thus standing and if there are any errors it could be due to a combination of wrongs committed by me and the fact that the stats tab gives me conflicting numbers to begin with. I also am glad to report that all tithing funds have been dealt with justly and used for their proper purposes and not for Prop 8. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.


  1. Posting videos: Super easy. Especially if you're embedding it from a website like YouTube.

    Since you're using Blogger, all you have to do is, when you're writing your posts, switch from the "Compose" mode to the "Edit HTML" mode (when you're ready to past the embed code). It is above the top right hand corner of text box.

    And that's it.

  2. Glad to be part of your fame!

    The only tricky part with YouTube, is that sometimes the videos are too wide for the blog portion of the screen, and they cover up all the links and stuff on the right...

    The dimensions are included in the coded in two places. I usually shrink mine down to a width of 425, and then try to work out the right ration to shrink the height down by the same proportion.

  3. I'm at 4020 now. Thanks for the tip Heretic and Urban Koda.

  4. You might be qualified to get a free Apple iPhone 7.