Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Godless Atheist of BYU

This last week has worn me out. I had midterms, and assignments, and other things, and now I am ... bllaaaaaaa. But my nice little non-religious activities have been going good.

USGA at BYU, Understanding Same-Gender Attractions, was on Thursday like normal and I had a decent time going. Hadn't gone in a couple weeks. I don't care for the 'churchiness' of it, but I understand that it basically has to be churchy to be at BYU. Lol. I also feel sorry for any of the people there who are homosexuals and believers at the same time. The LDS church does not make it easy to be gay and happy at the same time. I think some of the people would be better off leaving BYU and living with themselves. Obviously some people really benefit from the group though, and they have a nice liberal edge to them.

In fact this last meeting showed a survey from some online dating site and it was pretty funny. Comparing gays to straight people. Gay guys are more artsy, but not as violent or dorky as straight guys. Lesbian girls are basically more of every type of personality trait than straight girls ... except religious. So if you want an amazing girl date a lesbian, I guess. Also the survey showed key words from profiles, gay guys had some pretty ... gay key words, but overall a very wide range, and some good strong masculine things too. Lesbians though? Very girly overall, but they had one major key word - The L Word. In fact, the key words were ranked by size, more hits equals larger size, and the surveyor stated that they had to shrink down The L Word to fit on the screen. Lesbians love The L Word. In fact, I like it too, watched a couple seasons. I always liked Dana.

The Godless Coffee Tuesday evening meetings, started by a friend, Andrew, have gone good. The nice thing is that it is so close to BYU that many of the other atheists at BYU can just walk over or ride a bike. In fact, coffee isn't far from my place. Last time we had a good number of people show up, though the crowd is pretty young so adults in the area may feel out of place till more show up. Ha, I say adults, but what I mean is more older adults, like, middle-age adults. That would be about right. Being that it was midterms I didn't stay with everyone last week. They ended up chatting for another 3 hours after, and then going to ihop. I'm jealous.

The SHIFT group at UofU has Dan Barker coming on November 6th. (remember remember the 5th of november). Very unfortunate that it's the day after. Dan Barker was a big preacher, turned atheist, and wrote a couple books. I know of him, but I honestly have not read any of his books. Another sad area of my life is that I haven't been reading much. Working and taking 14 credits is tiring. Plus I need to finish some more atheist books to give me a buffer before I talk about the ones I read over summer.

This post is more like some kind of announcement/journal entry more than anything. However, I will post one of my most favorite new pictures I got a couple weeks ago.

Now that's funny.


  1. "The LDS church does not make it easy to be gay and happy at the same time." - oh the irony. How many homophobes come at you with "gay means happy, so you're just wrong"? Ugh.

    "Ha, I say adults, but what I mean is more older adults, like, middle-age adults." - I didn't stop calling non-college people adults until after graduation and marriage. For realz. Once the "real world" hits you, there are no more illusions - you're an adult.

  2. I don't think I'll ever grow up.

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