Saturday, October 2, 2010

General Conference Is For Old White Men

General Conference weekend, yay! I wonder if it will rain, it always seems to rain on GenConf weekends, both in October and April ... i don't think the church consulted the Farmer's Almanac when they chose the times.

Honestly, I am sometimes interested in what they will say at G.C. Not enough to go turn on the tv and actually listen though, that would just be a monumental waste of time. I for one am all about the church telling their members to be loving, frugal, honest, accepting, and everything else, but when they do it using scriptures alllll the time, stories that alllll sound similar in how miniscule a lot of them are, and always talking about God and Jesus, unless they're the same in that context, then I kind of get annoyed at it all and don't care to listen.

I do like Pres. Uchtdorf, or however you spell his name. His accent, the fact that he's German, go heritage!, and that his talks are always pretty lively. I think I could enjoy listening to him. Holland's talk on complaining still makes me laugh. And, truly, Pres. Faust's talk where he mentioned the man who killed those Amish kids, that talk was powerful, and I think a part of the reason I still like it was because he basically rebuked the church.

But do i care to watch now or go to one? No, not really anyway, cause if a group of apostates said they were gonna go and 'boo' at some point I might. Lol, actually I wouldn't, due to embarrassment and because I really don't like disrupting things as major as G.C., it isn't worth it in my mind. Last spring I tried to see if anyone had talked about atheism at all during G.C. and i came up with nothing, but i hadn't searched too much. Course i did find the talk Elder Neilson gave to those Boston kids, i believe, about how atheism is Satanic. That was good to find because that was the first time i felt like the Brethren had actually verbally assaulted me and i felt the distinct notion that he should apologize to my face and that i should let him know i am not a Satan worshiper.

One other thing, the new guy directing Mo-Tab, i don't care for his music. The 'new' version of Called to Serve was so quiet and slow i had tears well up in my eyes as it was equivalent of someone slowly butchering a favored puppy or cat, or fish. I bring this up cause i still do listen to Christian music sometimes, one's that i like anyways. Though when i'm eating at a restaurant, enjoying conversation with friends, and then 'PRAISE JESUS, OH LOOOOORDYYYYLORD" comes over the radio with some cheap drum beats, then i don't wish to listen to the music. I have to prep myself i guess. Tree 63 though, still luv'em, though they are probably racist bastards.

Having put my title I now feel obligated to point out they had a black guy speak last year, yay. Maybe there will get a black apostle soon. We shouldn't be too hasty, even though Joseph Smith was calling apostles left and right within years of starting the church, and many were excommunicated at differing points in church history, the black people have only had the priesthood for 32 years and have not yet been spiritual enough to fulfill the rigorous callings of 70s and apostles to a great degree. Makes perfect sense.

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