Monday, October 11, 2010

Love is Love

I am an atheist and I still love people.

I'm just throwing that out there cause I wasn't sure how to start this post, and I was reminded of the Gen Conf talks dealing with secularists (another word for atheists I guess) who don't believe they can commit crimes or have any accountability. I guess there could be some out there ....

But that is neither here nor there on today's post, though I need to take one other random turn, well, not so random, I guess it is National Coming Out Day. Having talked about the Kinsey scale with my significant other and reading Urban Kodas blog where some comments have continued the scale I'd like to say I'm a 1.5. I am being a little lenient and possibly more 'open' than I truly am, but I do see how some guys are attractive, I am envious of well-built guys, but when it comes to touching another guys dick, that alone is pretty unappealing, and the thought of making out with a guy is downright disgusting. I like girls in a very physical way that a male body cannot compare to, and even though watching guys kiss puts a grimace on my face (not all of the time) I completely support LGBT rights and their rights to marriage. I hope everyone has a wonderful Coming Out Day ... er, what's left of it. I just want to clarify that I love homosexuals. I mean, I love them so much I always hope that the population is not equal in the gender split!

So the real 'meat' of the post, and not any type of meat that has a fleshy existence. I went and spent some time with my girlfriends family this weekend, as to why my posts stopped for some time. Plenty of catching up to do with schoolwork. But it was really fun, especially to meet some family members who are not religious, postmos, or downright atheists or agnostics. I was mainly running around and doing things so I wasn't able to talk too much on different things, that and being exhausted most of the time as well, but some of the conversations went good. Mormonism came up a few times, ethics related to atheism and how we approach things post-Mormonism, treating this life like the only one we have and what changes that would bring about. I'd have to say, especially considering it's the family of the girl I'm dating, I was a lot more quiet and listened mostly to gauge character and opinions. It helps me to know how to best approach the situation. But at the same time it was nice to spend a weekend with a bunch of heathen infidels and be able to say nearly whatever I want.

In my absence another person has found my blog, so it's official, I'm a recruiter and 'locater' for the unbelievers at BYU. I enjoy meeting like-minded people, which I've found to mainly be 'post-mos' more than 'atheists' or 'agnostics.' Though, I have to admit I very much find my girlfriends atheism to be very sexy. I highly recommend it, if you find one get it fast before they go out of stock.


  1. Lol....out of stock, eh?

    I didn't realize there was a rush. :)

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