Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Small Note

Aimed at the Screaming Nephite:
Okay, so I've noticed you've deleted my older comments on your blog. Now, being that I am cordial and not vulgar and offer you to reply, I don't understand your need to delete my comments, especially when you ask for them. As to why I am posting this on here. Not only can you not delete them, but I don't see how you can avoid seeing this post.

Is it cause I actually don't rant but give an intelligible response? That some of the things I say are true, or are 'facts' and that some of these 'facts' are not spiritually uplifting for Mormonism? This is especially so with your Bountiful post, you even posted that you wanted people like me to comment. And I come back a few days later and you deleted my comment?! I beginning to debate if you are sincere at all. For one you are so indoctrinated you don't seem to find anything wrong with your views to people of other beliefs or homosexuals being that my last post was about gay teen suicides and your comment didn't reflect any remorse.

You have caricatured Mormon-Haters and atheists in a predictable Mormon fashion. I recommend listening to the Mormon Expression podcast so that you can at least begin to understand what it would be like to be a more liberal Mormon. Having just listened to the depression episode I'll ask you -
If someone is depressed is it due to their sins or failures?
Is sin truly never happiness?
Are atheists just hating God?
Can anyone be happy outside of Mormonism?

Four years ago I would have answered: they certainly add to it, of course sin is never happiness, most of them, and no - not truly happy.
Now? - No, but many times religion can be too extreme and only make the environment worse for the person, of course sinning is happiness, a true atheist can't hate God that's an oxymoron, and OF COURSE. Because billions of people are happy outside of Mormonism. And going back to depression rates and drug abuse in Utah, it seems Mormons are not as happy as even the general American population. Ahh!!! I'm getting frustrated. This is a pointless post. I should never post something like this as a post for my blog. But, I do promise that if I write it, I post it. So here goes, but this will be replaced with a newer post probably later in the day, after I finally get to sleep.


  1. J-dog,
    I 100% agree... seriously, who is this guy? Obviously someone that can't handle the response to what he dishes out. He, like the church, has to hide the unsightly things in order for him to believe and in order for him to have others believe.

    What a sad way to live. If someone vomits, you don't just cover it up with a rug... it's gonna smell.

  2. Or you stare in shock, let the only girl present wipe it up, and then quickly leave telling everyone to have a goodnight, lol.

  3. One time I deleted some comments from Weston on my blog, and sent him an email explaining why. He responded weeks later and this exchange started... I had forgotten who he was or that I had emailed him at that point...

    I don't think he's worth paying much attention to, but if he's trolling your blog, the emails I'm showing here should be at the least, entertaining.

  4. Wow, Measure! That link is ridiculous. What an idiot. J-dog, he isn't worth your time. There isn't any logic behind what he is saying. Not to mention that he pretty much just ignores everything you have to say and keeps spewing the same thing over and over again.