Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BYU BYU BYU - Things to do in the Happy Valley

I have been busy as usual, and now feeling slightly sick as well, behind on homework, but you know what, my room is clean, I've cleaned it up, gotten rid of piles, I feel I have accomplished something.

So I've decided to give a kind of hodgepodge of things to do that are taboo, against the norm, or atheistic. And then I will give a little treat of a video. Over the course of the blog I've listed off some groups and things I've done and now I wish to put them all together.

First is SHIFT. Up at UofU the Secular Humanist Inquiry and Freethought group meets every Sunday. You can find them on Facebook. I like SHIFT cause they have a slightly led/open discussion and are pretty accepting of different views. Obviously if a creationist is putting forward his ideas though they won't garner too much respect, but SHIFT is a fun place, and once I'm at UofU I hope to be a part of it more.

Down here at BYU, and one group through which I've met some people, is USGAY, I mean, USGA. Understanding Same-Gender Attraction. This group is churchy and supports LDS theology, but is very liberal, and pretty open-minded. Most people who go have some kind of qualm with the way the church approaches gays. It is not atheistic though, let's make that clear. But I enjoy the group, though sometimes I may cringe. I've found that a decent amount of people who are disillusioned to the church or don't believe usually are quiet, but cannot remain quiet when it comes to the LGBT crowd. Most people can't hold back their resentment for the church or its actions, as a whole, when it comes to the gays. And for me that's a good thing.

Also, there are plenty of atheists at BYU that I personally know and have met, and sometimes groups of us get together. One friend started a regular coffee meeting on Tuesdays in the evening. That's the Utah Atheists - Happy Valley Branch group. A nice place to bullshit with similar minded people.

Then of course their Godless Coffee up in SLC at Mestizos on Thursday evenings, and the Sizzler group once a month, I think they are having a gay-rights speaker come present this Sunday ....

Plenty of people to meet and things to do. And it's nice to put it all together. So for anyone horribly bored, here's a nice little video of Hitchen's giving it drunkard style to Hannity. A personal favorite of mine.


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