Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Heart Videos of Humor

I am so glad that I was taught all to embed and copy and paste and apply and link and whatever else I'm doing to bring videos to my post. Yay for me. Let's just hope I can remember for this post ...

I want to post a couple of my more favorite funny videos. If the links 'die' at some point or the videos are removed, then I recommend searching for the names in Youtube cause they will just crop up somewhere else.

First, Mitchell and Webb. These guys are great, I've watched dozens and dozens of their vids. One of my favs is the historian who can't keep his arms and body still for the shoot, lol. Classic and so true. But I can't find it anymore, sad day. However, here is the first one I ever watched, and it's really funny.

"Helen! Get in here!" - "Oh my-" - "Finally, after all these years of doubt!" = hahahaha.
"This melon blows my tomato out of the water. It's a full sentence, punctuation and everything." Probably more punctuation than me, sometimes, and most teens in the world, except probably the Koreans.
I'd like them to explain that watermelon though, "Probably just some random mutation in the watermelon's genetics ... oh wait, not that!"

Also, we move on to another comedian, Ricky Gervais. I had no idea about him till I watched The Invention of Lying through Netflix, not knowing it had a major atheist agenda, lol. This is part of an interview with him commenting on a lot of things, and this is where it switches to religion, his super hero, Jesus, and how his mom lied to him only once.

I have to recommend Ghost Town to everyone, it is such a funny movie. Anyways, I liked it. "Jesus is like an unpaid babysitter" - pure genius, lol. "Also ... if there is a God, why did he make me an atheist? ... That was his first mistake."

And moving to even more irreverent comedians, this is Jim Jefferies, who is also getting drunk on stage, and who doesn't care to upset the American crowd he is performing for. Switching from his hate of life, religion, namely Christianity in this part, to Noah, to pandas, this is absolutely hilarious and crude.

"I won't even know I'm dead, you know why, cause I'll be fu**ing dead!" - "What's at the end of the light ... all your dead relatives. ... Hello uncle who use to touch me. How did you get up here? Oh that's right you use to work for the church." - LMAO.
"WHAT? I'M MYSTERIOUS!" - So true. It took me a while to realize it, but if we took the Bible literally and said that is what God is like, he would be the biggest douche ever.

"There's a panda! Go f*** the panda! And they just look at each other! You put in a cage with anything, ANYTHING, and after a week I'll f*** it!" ROFLMAO.
Gods I find that video hilarious. And because of it, I've learned that pandas are stupid, and I will never support those pandas. Maybe gay penguins, but never the pandas.

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