Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Westboro Baptistd

Okay, if you don't know anything about these people then you should. Go look them up!!! NOW!!!!

Like I said, I'm busy having fun with Thanksgiving break, but I thought I would throw out some videos now that I know how to post them. These videos are anywhere between 4-8 minutes long, but they are fun and deal with the Westboro Baptist Church. Shirley Phelps gets my vote for biggest fuc**** nutcase of the 21st century ... and she's the runner-up for last century - first went to Hitler. But he also took first in biggest asshole of the century too so ....

So first here's Shirley having some fun on public TV, and then we get to see Michael Moore do one his shindigs, one that I think nearly everyone can appreciate.

And here's Michael Moore, you give it to'em you sassy gay guys!

This is kind of becoming another pro-LGBT post, not my intention. The ultimate gay team: "A dozen of the most determined, tactically-trained, and sensibly-dressed gay men and lesbians!!!"
Yes, go gay ambassadors!


  1. YES! I love the Sodomobile video!

    In all seriousness, the video teaches an important lesson -- sometimes humor and warmth are the best responses to hate.

  2. it definitely disarms their hate. when the woman starts singing along but her words are "god hates gays" then it no longer seems so bad in the situation, it seems ridiculous and funny.