Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And More Podcasts!

GAH! Mormon LOL Cats! So cute!

So first, I will write about Dan Barker on my next post, most likely. I don't have much to say, but he seems like a good guy, so I'll put a plug out for him personally later. For now, more podcasts!

American Freethought
This podcast is very professional. I can't say it stands out from the others, but it is good. They do a good job, they do interviews, and they are up on the present movements in secularism an such. I've only listened to a handful so far, but for the topics I wanted I enjoyed the episodes.

If you're feeling like a well-done podcast, that stays mostly on topic, gives good presentations, and covers topics well, then this is it. Basically anyone who is interested. They aren't crazy or hilarious like other podcasts, but I enjoy this one and it is another I recommend checking out or to go to and get episodes you're interested in if nothing else.

Freethought Radio
Not to be confused with the last one. This is Dan Barker and Annie L. Gaylor. This a decent podcast due to how they will give updates on the Freedom From Religion Foundation, FFRF. Plus they get some good interviews, news updates, some court updates, and Dan Barker of course travels around still. Again, not unique in any special way from some of the other ones, but they do have different interviews than from the norm, and can give some good insights into the secular movement. Plus they sound like real sweet people.

Again, this podcast is one which I recommend to everyone, but go in and look up topics you think you'd find interesting and then go from there.

Mormon Expression
I actually started this back when I last wrote about podcasts, and I like this one a lot. It is essentially Irreligiosophy without the vulgar, crude humor. John focuses on Mormon topics only, basically. And he has non-members, active members, less active members, and former Mormons all on his podcast. Some very good discussions get brought up. One of his earlier episodes on the Book of Abraham captures the heart of the podcast. If you can enjoy that episode you will enjoy everything else. He also went downtown during the protest during General Conference this last October and had people speak for themselves and why they were there. Very interesting.

He is generally calm and keeps the podcast cordial, but sometimes even he has problems not getting riled up by some of things Mormons do or the church in general. Very informative, more laid-back, well-researched, and multiple points of view are often presented. I recommend this to anyone who has let go of Mormonism but just can't leave it alone!

And that's my latest podcasts. I probably won't be getting into many more. Honestly these all keep me pretty busy now. Though I still take recommendations. I'll be keeping my job for the next 5 months, which means 5 more months of listening to podcasts for 15+ hours a week. In light of all the ones so far though here are my favorites:

Irreligiosophy is great. It makes me laugh all the time at work. Chuck is also very good at gathering information and presenting it.

Mormon Expression was just explained, but this is very well-done and very informative.

TED Talks and FORA TV are still regular ones on my list. If you're looking for views, opinions, and general information these are great tools.

Reasonable Doubts is good. I don't listen as much as I use to but between the three friends you get a lot of good points of view and information from them.

And that's it, hope you guys enjoy some of these recommendations I give out.

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