Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do a Good Turn Daily!

The story of Jesus can easily be related to the story of Anakin Skywalker. But I think the latter is better. Except for Jarjar Binks.
Things I've done lately:

I've talked about sex with just about everybody I meet. This happen often. I enjoy it. People generally titter at my comments. The word titter causes tittering itself. I like sex.

People knock on our door all the time. I don't answer the door when people knock cause it most likely is someone from church. Like my home teachers, or the bishop. They all basically know I don't believe so the conversations can be a little awkward.

I joined a group that supports Gay Penguin Equality. I love the gay sassy penguins.

I've had to explain why I would feel more comfortable poking a guys dick for a second, then making out with him for five.

I bought a coffee literally 50 feet from BYU campus. Yeah, I hid that in my sweater on the way out.

I've openly laughed at stupid comments made by fellow students in my classes. Sadly, I have also kept my mouth shut when I could've stood up for some secular or atheist views or opinions or people.

I took a trip to Europe, got high, and was involved in a massive orgy of French women with armpit hair.

Okay, that last one isn't true, I've never been to Europe.


  1. I've decided I will make a post on Lady GaGa once I am secure in my ability to put up videos.