Saturday, April 2, 2011


So some updates on my exciting life! I'm pregnant for one! No, wait, I mean my gf is pregnant! Oops, sorry again. One of my gfs' friends is pregnant, or maybe several. Not several gfs, but several of my one single gfs' friends who are girls. Okay, gonna stop having fun now.

Really, I guess the group for Utah Valley now has an open group on FB to attract new people. Most people aren't even in it, lol, but I think it has found some new people who searched for it on FB. I think it's a good idea overall. I don't think it will have the amazing dialogue, tons of video and picture postings, and all that jazz that the secret group will, but it offers an online location for fellow non-believers in Utah Valley who are on FB. It's already gotten to 40 people too (some overlap obviously) but I think it's all a good sign.

I'm also aware that in the next few months the atheist groups may try to find people in or around St. George to try to start a group down there. I have a friend down there and other groups know people too so it may be possible to start one. Once I'm at UofU I also plan on helping out a lot more with SHIFT and hopefully help to start some random hang-out parties or activities. Right now SHIFT has the discussion meetings, sometimes book reviews (which I like a lot), and a lot of involvement from the school (such as lectures and inviting people like Dan Barker) but I'm not sure they have anything like Godless Coffee in the other groups. I'm feeling a fire to try to pull out all the college-age atheists and postmos up here and try to form a community like down in Provo.

Lastly, I am now on the Board with U-COR (Utah coalition of reason) and am planning an internship with them. I'm am ubber excited, a little intimidated, but excited nonetheless. I think U-COR has good potential to become the umbrella corp-er-organization of Utah for all the secular communities. I think I will feel very rewarded if I work with them.

Here is a link to U-COR. Feel free to hang out at their site. It will take some time to get non-profit status so I'm not sure how many events there will be in the next few months, but I think they plan on keeping everyone informed on events that other groups post as well.

It's Gen. Conf. weekend. I don't think I have any desire to watch any sessions, but I'm keeping tabs on the talks to see if there's any interesting ones. This is simply a little update on what's going on in the life of jdog, (what a silly name) and hopefully my next post will be funny, exciting, or revolutionary!

ps: How come people who search for "byu orgy" and "byu jerk off party" or "hot boys jacking off byu" ... keep coming to my blog? ... Oh, it could be because I write out what they search for ... hmmm.


  1. I would be down with a jerk off party.

  2. Excellent! Lately it has been difficult trying to start an orgy party with the group. Most everyone is okay being naked and having porn playing on the tv and audio porn on the stereo, but some people don't like the idea of snorting crack of each others' backs. So I'm definitely up for a bunch of gay and straight guys sitting in a circle. Awesome!