Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Funny Videos

Related to atheism. I am just posting these to make a post, essentially. But also because I hope some of these will be new to people and will make you laugh. Out loud. So spread the laughter.

And yes, this is satire if you didn't notice. Don't worry if you didn't, half the other viewers thought it was real too so you're not a complete idiot! :)

Some good ideas there. I forgot I even favorited this one. Glad I rediscovered it.

And yes, gay marriage will lead to duck f******.


  1. I wasn't into the whole sex with ducks thing, but after seeing that video, I completely agree.

  2. Sex with ducks is great!!! Not that I would know personally, just sayin. Maybe I know a friend that has done it. And this hypothetical friend really is more of an acquaintance really.

  3. Amazing video,really good collection.

  4. Lol, i forgot about that ducks video, lmao.