Sunday, March 13, 2011

"We're Sorry."

I'd like to say that I am deeply sorry for not posting anything lately. In the words of one famous man ....

I have been busy like normal, probably more so right now though, or lately, than normal, but still no excuse for posting. I do have a couple of things to say though.

First, Leighton from Irreligiosophy (which has been linked on my blogroll for ages so if you haven't gone to see it, or even know who Leighton and Chuck are than you're a dumb@$$) has gotten in contact with me through my blog, and a friend through the atheists of Utah Valley group. Hopefully he will come out to party and then give all of us down here a shot-out on the podcast. I've promised him plenty of 18-22 y-o fresh, jubilant, probably virgin college chicks who may or may not have just recently left Mormonism and are itching to have wild orgy sex in front of TVs playing pornos while snorting crack off each others' backs. I hope this means he'll turn out.

Second, my blog (even though I've posted little in the last two months) still is pulling local people who feel a need to comment or send me emails. That is great guys and girls. And I like the people who send me emails who are at BYU giving me the thumbs up and telling me they are glad they found a post. But, being that I'm in a prickish mood right now I need to segue into a thought I've been having lately, which is this:

For all of you people who say "No, thanks I don't need community" ... f*** you! Not really, cause I understand, but I hope you realize that is dickish. Usually in person or through emails I offer to invite people to the group so they can laugh at all the funny pics and videos we've gathered, meet like-minded people that they can talk to openly and debate with openly without the fear of being turned in to bishops or losing friends. Also, just the fact that you could make new friends, like me, cause I never have people who want to hang out with me and I'm lonely.

So, the f u from a moment ago is not universal, just how I feel when I'm like "hey, I'd like to talk to you, debate some things, hang out, wanna be in the group or come to the next party?" and then you say "No, I don't need community" usually with some implied distaste which sometimes I take to mean "No, it sounds like you're a militant atheist or just trying to start a new religion." I did tell one person I thought he was ignorant if he thought being in the group meant you were a militant atheist, but oh well. Doesn't mean I hate these people, but I just think it's kind of lame.

Besides those people there are some who have made some friends and with the group so big now I think little cliques are forming. Oh! Status update!!! Over a 100 now. Yes, after having added the large and sturdy E**** our gay community has exploded and I think the group is actually over 50% from BYU now. Not that BYU would have any problem kicking out 50 people though. There is some slight progress being made with trying to figure out things with the Honor Code office, but I'll write on that later. Just like the Patriarchal blessings. Again, thank you to the dozen or so that submitted, I'll do that at some point, but lately I've stopped watching movies, reading books, and posting on my blog. Don't know why, but I expect my energy will be redirected back soon.

Also from my email section I got a guy trying to advertise through me ... and I'm fine with that, so long as he does a shout-out for all the atheists/agnostics/post-mos at BYU telling them that groups are forming underground. I discovered another small group of people who don't believe at BYU but haven't contacted them, it's on some discussion wall where I have to make an account blablabla and I'm too lazy for that. In fact I did make an account for another discussion board that had 3-5 ppl talking and told them to contact me and they didn't so ....

Anyways, I watched some of the vids and they are pretty funny. Here's the one on the Mormons that he did. I think I'll invest in some of those golden plates myself. I already have the toilet paper. I'll need to email him back and see where he's from ... possibly Idaho, just a guess, maybe ... but I should invite him out to things if he ever comes to Utah.

Lastly, I am quitting BYU and going to UofU. I don't know if I'll keep the blog going, I might have to change the title or something if I do. But being that people generally migrate to UofU from BYU and I have plenty of friends down there I think I'll still be involved enough to keep this going for another year.

Which, to that, I do have to thank everyone for the support and 'cheers' I sometimes get for having this half-rate blog, even you ... you people who tell me you don't wanna hang out or meet awesome people. I think some people don't need more friends than they have so they just don't care, or some don't wish to be a part of an atheist group even though they are non-believers ... which I don't get but okay, or maybe some are afraid of having their names associated with it, or going to the Coffee pod with 40 some loud militant atheists planning which church to burn. I miss one friend though, I posted his blog up on my bloglist as well, No Answers, and I wish he'd come back and hang out with us! .

Till next folks ... and I won't be gone for 2 weeks this time.

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  1. I'm glad you're going to keep the blog going. I check in here now and then, and always enjoy what I read.

    Also, I imagine that there are lots of people out there who need community, whether they admit to it or not. Also, congrats on transferring to the U of U.

    Look forward to reading more.