Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Godless at BYU Knows You're Lurking

Well, some quick updates with life. I'm officially back to going to UofU this fall, accepted again, the coffee group had a new record of 60+ ppl if we count half of the communists group who almost all are atheists and in our group, lol. Who also might be just using our group to advertise, but I don't really care. There is a letter to the editor at the Daily Universe from a couple weeks ago talking about the religious discrimination BYU has towards postmos and that's good that it's getting out there.

In fact here's some links to it from postmo. and redditt as two examples.

I also found out BYU finally did block my blog, and now there are some students talking about my blog and trying to find me to kick some ass. I'll probably do a post on this at some point. As it talks about me and I'm so vain I can guarantee this one will happen in less than 3 months.

A Student Secular Alliance will begin at UVU sometime this summer. We now have enough people in the Utah Valley Atheists group that are current students that are interested and a professor will support it so that will be going. With that we could fund bringing in secular speakers an such so that our evil and terrible goals can spread like wild-fire. Also, U-COR (Utah Coalition of Reason) is getting in contact with some of us 'head honchos' with the group so we'll see what it means to become part of this "Umbrella Organization."

This whole post is just to throw out updates and to make you feel like I am writing something. I wish some of my TBM lurkers would make comments or send me emails or something to make my life more interesting. All I get is emails from people professing to be interested in meeting up and half of which never come out or stop replying. Maybe those are Honor Code spies who wish to catch me but then realize how nice and sweet a guy I am that they can't keep up their lying for Jesus. Or maybe when they realize I am actually a girl they begin to get very confused.


  1. Congratulations on your notoriety! I'm jealous.

  2. Ooh, you should check this out!

    I suspect that whoever created this blog did it because of you, my blasphemous friend!

  3. Lol. I saw that before, but I guess they got tired cause they didn't really make any posts, lol.

  4. Good for you! I just moved to Utah after de-converting from Mormonism in Wisconsin. I would love to be a part of this movement, I am sure that the beginning will be slow but it will continue to grow thanks to the national support of the Secular Student Alliance.

  5. Bryant - if you're in Utah and atheistic/non-religious/free-thinker than you should look up U-COR, Utah Coalition of Reason on Facebook or online.