Friday, February 25, 2011

Speak Out For Your Homo Friends On Facebook!

Well, USGA had another panel only this time .... at Provo! Seems that the Alpine panel from months ago probably was received so well that other regions that turned them down before, such as Provo, now accepted them. The panel itself went well, and I even felt inspired to throw a comment out there, though I had wished for more answering on it. But a couple other people picked up the ball, such as a friend and a lady behind me, and continued some of the thoughts I put out there.

One man handed out slips inviting people to a website or something about how to turn straight again. Says: "Gay. Anybody can be. Nobody has to be." You can go to or or if you wish to see what they're all about. I think it's an honest gesture of care, but very ignorant. Thankfully, one of my new idols who enjoys having his tires slashed was on the panel and is actually very knowledgeable about the gay community (go figure) and could throw out numbers and statistics like no other, such as saying that people who are forced into marriages or trying to change their sexuality are 70% likely to try to commit suicide. Or backing me up when I said Utah sometimes has ranked above 300% in the amount of gay teen suicides when compared to the national average.

Actually, here is Eric's page on the panel. As Erich says, it was standing room only.

With all the revolutions going on (a net benefit in my book, for the world) I'm just feeling antsy. Even some people in BYU-H are rising against the Honor Code. I invited a bunch of people to put some kind of obvious statement in their Facebook status (in the next couple days) that shows they support gays or the LGBT community. I invite all of you faithful readers, all 8 of you, to do the same.

Now, I have to be clear. For me, atheism/non-belief is more important than gays. Obviously I have personal reasons for that. But I think fighting for one minority that you genuinely care about will only further more rights for your minority. For me, this is trying to break bubbles of misconception over atheism, and the standards by BYU against postmos. Fighting for gays only helps people to be more accepting.


  1. NARTH is a bogus, corrupt organization. They are in no way making a friendly, honest attempt to reach out and help.

    As someone studying psychotherapy, the literature is pretty clear. Repairative therapy is not effective at changing sexual orientation, and leads to depression and suicide. Its been deemed unethical by the APA, and shouldn't be practiced by APA accredited therapists. If you're interested in more info, I have plenty :)

  2. Ann-Michelle, you said exactly what other people said, like Erich. Being familiar with the APA myself I can also back what you what.

  3. lol - last ''what'' is "said" lol

  4. a self proclaimed agnostic/atheist at BYU, whom presumedly signed the honor code. Why are even attending BYU? Do you not see the hypocrisy? If this blog is merely in jest, it is in poor taste.

  5. Anon - Yup, definitely signed the Honor Code slip thingy in my freshmen year.

    Though I debate if I should even reply. Cause you happened to comment on a post where I talk about gay teen suicides and gay suicide rates in general and you have issues with that. You make it sound like I'm an evil sinful person. Please clarify whether or not you've read other posts or whether you just think that my being appalled at the suicides is evil in some way.

    Why am I attending BYU? Because I did believe originally and wanted to come here, simple as that. You're question seems to ignore the hundreds of students who are not LDS, some of which are atheist, who come here for other reasons, such as a good major they want to get in to, such as dance. Do you think it is not possible for non-members to follow the Honor Code?

    And I do plan on leaving BYU, as to why I am doubtful you've hopped around on my blog cause I have several posts saying just that. Hypocrisy is a pretty big deal, as to why I told my bishop I didn't believe anymore, no lying here. But even back then they weren't going to allow me to renew my endorsement even though I told them I was following the rules as much as before.

    Which leads me to my final question: show me a Mormon who isn't a hypocrite on some level. You made covenants at baptism, are you keeping them all or do you fall short? And do you only fall short for God or also for yourself?

  6. gay people don't need help...plain and simple