Saturday, May 14, 2011

Atheists of BYU

Wanted to post earlier but it seems Blogger didn't want anyone posting or commenting.

I still am underground, in a way, but I keep sticking my little atheist head up out of the hole to survey the Savanna. By this I mean I keep making comments that relate to what I'm actually thinking, and I'm doing it more often. Or that I've made my FB page much more obvious about what my views on God and religion are, or I wear my atheist shirts around town.

I'm out of Provo now, up in SLC, and it seems I may never return. I still go down to see everyone but I'm slowly getting disconnected from the whole atmosphere down there. Regardless, more and more people join the group weekly, and still more people are coming out of the woodwork at BYU. One person has made several videos, explaining his positions on Mormonism, and his doubts over the God hypothesis.

Here's his views on God, and how he debunks several arguments in a nice, short, cute little series of videos. Here's the first, you can go from there:

And this is a video explaining his atheistic views. While wearing a robe or towel and wearing shiny glasses.

He also has some on Mormonism but I'm betting he views himself more as an atheist than an ex-Mormon. Also, I wish to note that I actually do know this person in real life, even though I'm talking as if I don't, :P

As I said in an earlier post, the "I am an ex-Mormon" videos guy is coming to Utah for a bit, and several atheists from Utah Valley have approached him and he said he'd love to do as many videos as he can with all of us. I may even do one. We'll see how that goes.

PS: also, the kid in the videos is NOT me.


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